A Sephardi &
Mizrahi Education Toolkit

A compendium of recommendations, strategies, and resources to help educators learn about Sephardi and Mizrahi heritage and shape inclusive school environments

Our goal and mission

We are committed to creating school communities that are inclusive of Jews from all backgrounds and that celebrate the broad tapestry of Jewish expression around the world

Who are Sephardi & Mizrahi Jews?

Defining “Sephardi” and/or “Mizrahi” is a matter of debate, and scholars have used various geographic, linguistic, religious, and cultural criteria in determining who does or does not fit these categories

Using this guide

Unpack the messages your school environment communicates
about Jews from diverse backgrounds,
and enhance you school communities with practical inclusion strategies

Recommendations for shaping school culture

Find practical suggestions for creating inclusive school communities, and explore curriculum resources for incorporating Sephardi and Mizrahi heritage, culture, and practices into a variety of academic disciplines

About us

Learn about JIMENA’s work and our inclusion toolkit team